"A genuine masterpiece ... full of grace and beauty and profound insights ... RIVER, CROSS MY HEART bears traces of Eudora Welty's charm and Toni Morrison's passion." -- The Baltimore Sun

RIVER, CROSS MY HEART was selected for the Oprah Book Club in October, 1999.

STAND THE STORM was named one of the 100 Best of 2008 by the Washington Post.

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Angels Make Their Hope Here comes out in paperback!

If I want you to know me I have to tell you that I'm a writer and a talker, a listener and a watcher and a reader. I am sprung from a tradition of storytellers, people who enjoy relating anecdotes. My family are poets, kitchen table griots, informal opinionators, relentless rememberers, gentle comedians telling funny stories and laughing in the same places each time. Like the people in my novels, they are people who remember what they see, pay attention to what they hear and have witnessed the big events of the age with keen intelligence and the moxie to record and remember what they have witnessed.

My novels are character driven and panoramic. I am engaged in wonder at the ways that material goods and work tools tell the history of people who are marginalized on the literary landscape. I'm a recollector and I like the way that word makes me think of remembrance and restitution. Please get comfortable with the website and read an excerpt from my debut novel, River, Cross My Heart. Enter the world of The Coats Family and 19th century Washington, D.C. with an excerpt from Stand The Storm. Follow my blog to learn more about my new novel, Angels Make Their Hope Here.

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Angels Make Their Hope Here is a compelling story about conflicts between conscience, culture and one’s calling. The dialogue singes and tickles virgin ears, yet is essential to developing strong, memorable characters. Clarke expertly engages our senses as she weaves nature, dreams and ancestors into each chapter.
-RT Book Reviews
As Dossie grows from a scared girl to a strong woman, learning from the people around her and the trials she endures, readers will feel the pull of the fictional community of Russell’s Knob and have hope that Dossie will thrive there. Clarke’s fans will want [Angels Make Their Hope Here], which is also a solid choice for reading groups.
- Laurie Cavanaugh, Library Journal
With its slightly clipped period language, coolly measured tone and rich supply of telling detail, Breena Clarke's second novel delves into a compelling social panorama of black servitude in Washington, D.C., as the Civil War begins. Clarke's sensitivity and her lyrical, earthy narration bring a freshness to the somber subject matter.
Breena Clarke returns with a bittersweet slavery-era saga, partially set’like her smash 1999 Oprah-pick, River, Cross My Heart’in Washington, D.C.'s Georgetown. Clarke's knowledge of the period and the novel's dense, deliberate narrative create a poignant story about the intricacies of human bondage and its dissolution, built around a family's unshakable faith in one another.’
-Publishers Weekly
In this story of a slave family buying its freedom, Clarke illuminates and personalizes a dreadful part of’ our nation's past.This is a vivid view of slavery.’
Character driven, with events that range from heartwarming to heartwrenching, Clarke’s portrayals of the people we meet, and most especially Dossie, are fully living and breathing. Completely perfect in their imperfections, their traits and predilections, prejudices and hopes are clearly displayed and add a fullness to the reader’s experience.
-I Am, Indeed
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