"Angels Make Their Hope Here is a compelling story about conflicts between conscience, culture and one's calling. The dialogue singes and tickles virgin ears, yet is essential to developing strong, memorable characters. Clarke expertly engages our senses as she weaves nature, dreams and ancestors into each chapter."

RT Book Reviews

"As Dossie grows from a scared girl to a strong woman, learning from the people around her and the trials she endures, readers will feel the pull of the fictional community of Russell's Knob and have hope that Dossie will thrive there. Clarke's fans will want this book, which is also a solid choice for reading groups."

Laurie Cavanaugh, Library Journal

"Dossie is an impressionable and sensual young woman who doesn't understand her power initially, or the effect her beauty has on other people. Her circumstances force her into emotional maturity by the end, and as a coming-of-age tale, the novel is effective and satisfying. More than that, though, Angels Make Their Hope Here is an empowering story about community, self-realization, and freedom of choice, something every person deserves."

Reading the Past